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We design, build and host websites and much more. 

What do we do?
Digital design, domain names, web hosting and online marketing.
We work with clients transforming their ideas into successful web pages.
We can work on existing projects or start from scratch depending on your requirements. We live near Lyme Regis on the border of Devon and Dorset but since the internet is everywhere, we can be too.
Lyme Regis Web Design by the sea in Dorset
Digital Design
We use the term digital to cover all aspects of computer graphics creation from website design to photography and logos to business cards.
Domain Names
We can secure your perfect domain name today. We manage around 100 domain names for my customers in various .com and .co.uk suffixes.
Web Hosting
Every website needs to live somewhere so that surfers of the internet can see it. We currently host around 50 websites, would you like me to host yours?
Online Marketing
Making a website is only the start of your online journey. Now it must be seen by the world. Enter Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media.
Hungry Mule Responsive Website by Just SO Media in Lyme Regis
What does responsive mean?
It means that your website should be clever, it will know which device it is being displayed on and will rearrange the content to suit the space available.
Hungry Mule Responsive Website by Just SO Media Lyme Regis
Bad websites are two a penny but..
A Good Website Should;
Be Easy to Find
Through Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ), Social Searching (Twitter Facebook and Instagram etc), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, or other online marketing avenues
Be Responsive
Your website should respond to it’s environment and look great on the desktop, tablets & smart phones
Cut to the Chase
Time is of the essence, website visitors are fickle so your message should be short, simple and clearly state what you do
Load Quickly
So your website visitors don’t go elsewhere
Have clear calls to action
These make your goals and aims clear. If your website is designed to get people to buy something, calls to action help move your customers in the right direction
Be Organised
That way people can find what they want quickly leading to higher conversions

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What are they saying

Surya Osborne fulfilled my fanciful ideas of how a website could be eye catching and effective. He worked closely with me to harness my wilder ideas and combine my skills with his to make a witty and original site that has earned delightful comment from all who use it. This did not cost the earth or take forever. The only disappointment was that he turned out to be a bearded young man rather than an Asian beauty.

Hugh Dunford Wood Testimonial Just SO Media DorsetHugh Dunford Wood
Artist Designer

I knew I needed a website, I even had a rough idea of how I wanted it to look, but I put off making one for ages because the idea terrified me. I felt completely out of my depth, lost in a sea of computer code and jargon. Yet at the same time I really wanted to understand the workings of my website so that I could control it myself. Surya was ideal. With his guidance my ideas were brought to fruition, and I even learned how to navigate the back pages of my website, making it easy for me update it whenever I want to. Surya was just the sort of person I needed. A magnanimous beacon to help me through my angst.

Kerrie Ann Gardner Testimonial Just SO Media DorsetKerrie Ann Gardner
Illustrator & Photographer

Awesome job – my old website didn’t really get me any work. I’ve now got too much work and I’m fully booked for the rest of the summer. This is basically down to the website. I’ve now commissioned a brochure to compliment the website and Surya is making that look just as good.

Samuel Hill
Hungry Mule Catering

It was a delight to work with Surya. He built a site for me quickly and economically. He had very good ideas and we collaborated easily and effectively. I was really chuffed with the result: a stylish and streamlined site that does exactly what I need. Many thanks.

Robert Del Maestro Website by Just SO Media
Robert Del Maestro
Director TV Drama

Who are we?

Hi, I’m Laura Williams

Surya Osborne

Hi, I’m Surya Osborne

I’ve been working on the internet since the early days (1998). I’ve seen dot com booms and subsequent busts, I’ve seen websites rise and fall. I learned to code in a digital dojo with the masters until I went solo.

We offer the following services;

Hi, I’m Jon Theo

Website Design

We design and build modern web pages which can range from brochures to portfolios to online stores. We’ve worked with Prestashop, WooCommerce, Squarespace and a host of others but my favourite system by far is WordPress.

Hosting, Domain Names & Email Accounts

We offer domain name management, website hosting and email accounts. If you wanted to switch hosting and use a local service like mine perhaps we should talk.

Social Media
Having a strategy when it comes to social media is key. Choosing the right platforms is the key to social media success. Together we can identify what social media can do for you and how to go about making it happen.

We offer training and tutorials for individuals and groups. We am well versed in many online systems so we can usually help, some common tutorials we give are based on WordPress (.org and .com), Mailchimp, Social Media, Website basics, Control Panel and Photoshop.


Every web page or graphics project will need photography at some point. Stock photography can take you so far but unique images, well, they are the cats pyjamas and great imagery makes a design sing.

Graphic Design

We are masters of the Adobe Creative Suite so whether you want a photo edited or resized, a unique vector based logo that can be scaled up to fit on the side of your van or a 100 page brochure, we’ve got you covered.

Custom illustrations can elevate something from the ordinary to the sublime giving a unique look and feel to any website or design. We can go over the top with shapes and colours for a visual feast or pare down and simplify depending on what the brief dictates.

Keeping continuity across all of your marketing is extremely important. I can help keep your personal or business identity standardised, from business cards to stationary and websites through social media to email marketing and beyond.

Good choice. Well done.

There’s no time like the present. If you think we might fit for a project, feel free to get in touch.

Do you need anything digital like company branding?

Or anything internet based like a responsive website?

Perhaps you want to build an email list for marketing purposes or help with social media?

Even if you just fancy a chat about some trending online topics, please feel free to get in touch.

01460 220 235 or 07967 149 662
surya @ justsomediahouse.co.uk
laura @ justsomediahouse.co.uk
jon @ justsomediahouse.co.uk

Contact me

If you would like a glimpse into my personal life, head over to Instagram (@surya_osborne) where I mainly  post images of bread which I make in my analogue life.

Surya Osborne Personal Instagram

© All of the photographs on this site were taken by Kerrie Ann Gardner whose website you can find here.